When white isn’t white

The final cost of an upholstered piece is a combination of a few main components and it is important to remember that if you are advised a “white” price, that is only the beginning. The white price is the price that the manufacturer charges to make the item. It includes the finishing of the piece with your selected fabric, but not the cost of that fabric. Second, we add the price of the fabric, which is calculated by multiplying the number of metres required by the cost of the fabric (per metre). This is why the cost of the same chair can vary widely from fabric to fabric. In this component we also need to consider extra charges that may apply for working with difficult materials such as leather, any trim such as decorative braid or studs. Third, the cost of getting to the piece from its place of workmanship to its final destination.

So the next time you hear the phrase “white price”, remember it is not the full cost and be sure to ask for the “full price delivered”.

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